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Welcome to Lamps & Lighting, your source for information on all manner of illumination, from headlights to jogging headlamps, and from nightlights to desk lamps. Whether you need to light up a room, illuminate your campsite, or accent your landscape – we have you covered. Lamps & Lighting offers general information on how different types of lights, lamps, and bulbs operate, so that you understand the advantages of different lighting technology. And we provide detailed lighting reviews and comparisons, so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to purchase.

Interior Lighting

Interior Kitchen Lights

Functional & Decorative Lighting

Lights play several important roles in any home. Indoor lighting plays a large part in the functionality of your home, allowing you to use various rooms at any time of the day or night. Ceiling fixtures and wall lighting with appropriate light bulbs that are matched to each room can ensure you can utilize it to the fullest. Bathroom light fixtures help you see to do your personal grooming tasks. Dining room lights help you both see to eat and also set the mood when you entertain. Desk lamps and other office lighting, table lamps, and floor lamps can throw additional light in specific areas to augment the other fixtures. And novelty lighting – such as black light fixtures and black light bulbs, or even man cave specialties like the best beer pool table lights – can just make an area fun.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Home Lighting

Contemporary outdoor lighting

Depending upon where you live and the time of year, the outside of your home may be partially or totally obscured by darkness. During those times outdoor lighting can both allow your home to be seen and also help you and your guests see to utilize your outdoor facilities. Landscape lighting can help you find your way along exterior paths, while spotlights can illuminate your driveway. And exterior lighting can also aid in home security by minimizing hidden activity and turning on when sensing motion.

Portable Lighting

Portable hand lighting

A Handheld Flashlight

Whether you are relaxing around the campsite, searching the backyard, or finding your way around in a power outage portable lighting can be a lifesaver. Having a powerful and convenient flashlight or the perfect camping light is both useful and safe. The right headband light or jobsite lighting can leave your hands free for after-dark jobs, as well as for taking an evening walk or jog. Good camera lighting can make sure you capture the perfect shot, including these great LED lights for photography and video.

Auto Lighting

auto headlights

Automobile headlight bulbs

Driving at night can be tricky in the best of conditions. When you add in bad weather it can get downright challenging. So a key piece to safe after-dark travel is proper automotive lighting. A great set of halogen car headlights can light up your path like daytime. Running and auto accent lights can give your car or truck both visibility and style. And good lighting inside your vehicle can help you and your passengers to function while traveling without groping around in the dark. And lights aren’t just important on land – good boating lights – like the best boating spotlights – can help keep you safe on the water.