What Are Boating Lights?

Other than captaining your own plane, there are few other liberties as worthwhile as having your own boat and sailing where you please. A boat is the epitome of freedom for many because it allows you to go where you want, when you want. However, this thrill means that you might have to sail at night and in the dark, an endeavor which can be dangerous. One of the first and oldest safety measures is the use of lights on your boat.

Boats have lights on the interior and exterior. Exterior lights are important in being able to signal to other boats in cases of emergency.

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How Are Boating Lights Used?

To fully enjoy your boating experience, you must make sure to follow certain rules related to lights on boats. These rules vary depending on many factors, such as the size and class of your boat. When looking at boating navigation lights and boating lights, keep the following in mind. These rules are in place for your safety.

  • Sidelights should be red and green for the port and starboard, respectively. They should cover dead ahead up to 112.5 degrees aft on both sides.
  • The stern should have white lights which shine aft and 67.5 degrees forward on either side.
  • Boating lights should have all-around white lights that cover 360 degrees.
  • The lights on the masthead should be white and go from the port side at 112.5 degrees around up to 112.5 degrees on the starboard side, above the sidelights.
  • You are allowed to combine your sidelights into one bicolor light.
  • If your sailboat is less than 20 meters, you need to have sidelights as well as a stern light. You may combine the sidelights into a bicolor light and have stern lights, or you may have a tricolor light on top of the mast. To avoid collisions on boats smaller than 7 meters, an electric torch or lantern is mandatory.
  • If your vessel uses oars, you may use either a electric torch or lantern or have sailboat lights.

If you find yourself boating at night, these rules are extremely important because they will help you avoid collisions with other vessels. The importance of these light requirements may be overlooked over the greater joys of boating, but these requirements are intended to keep everyone safe.

Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you keep to these guidelines for boating lights, you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures that your boat has to offer without being concerned about breaking the law or putting anyone in danger.

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