What Is Camera And Photo Lighting?

Camera and photo lighting refers to the light sources used to produce photographs and videos. These lights are used to highlight the subject in such a way that they aren’t washed out on film. Usefully for professional photographers and the average Instagram user alike, these light sources can be used to up the quality of photography and videos significantly with just a press of a button. With options including highlights and camera flashes, as well as ring and square light options, these forms of lighting are meant to be focused and powerful in order to achieve the desired effect on camera. A key distinction comes into play between lighting that is used off-screen, such as high lights and flashes, and lighting that is used on the camera to illuminate the set or subject. In this case, we’re talking about the lighting that goes on outside of the frame of the shot and helps the photographer take a clearer picture.

Here are some of the most common forms of camera and photo lighting and what they are used for in the world of cinema and photography.

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Types of Camera and Photo Lighting

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The first kind of camera and photo lighting is the diffused light device. These can come in both light-producing and light-reflecting formats. A disc diffuser is used to reflect light from an external source (like a standing light) onto the subject without muting their features or washing out their complexion. An umbrella diffuser usually has the light source at the center of the umbrella and can be set up next to a subject in order to properly produce the right amount of lighting for a photograph. While both setups deliver the same goal, an umbrella diffuser is useful in established studios, as they do not need to be held and are not easily transported. On the other hand, disc light diffusers are useful for outdoor photography and can be compactly packed for better storage.

The next kind of camera and photo lighting option is the ring light. A ring light is most often used to highlight a subject’s face, such as for makeup photography and headshots. It is most commonly set up on a tripod with the light itself angled to offset the subject’s face. Most useful in a controlled studio, these lights are a must have for anyone trying to take photos that highlight the finer details of makeup work and complexion.

The final form of camera and photo lighting is the light panel. Usually affixed to the top of a camera, this lighting source functions like a spotlight for darker environments and can be useful in shots where natural lighting alone might not be enough, such as under tree cover or on the beach at night.

As with any form of lighting, do your research to find out the right kind of camera and photo lighting for your unique filming needs. There are many great tutorials out there that can help you discover what lighting works best with your camera, as well as to get great tips and tricks to help bring your photography skills to the next level.

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Here is a YouTube video discussing various types of camera and photo lighting:

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