What Are On Camera Video Lights?

On camera video lights are lights that are used to illuminate a set or recording area to make it easier for the camera to pick up on the subjects being recorded. These lights can be used both in indoor and outdoor recording spaces and come in portable formats to make filming on the go more convenient. The right set of on camera video lights can be the difference between a poor quality and a high-quality shot and can help take your filming capabilities to the next level.

When trying to choose the right lighting options to help enhance your videos, make sure to keep in mind what you will be recording. Lighting options for indoor spaces tend to be different than those used outdoors, and while there is a certain amount of convenience that comes from portable lights, more permanent lighting options can be useful if you find yourself recording in one location, such as a studio. Make sure to invest in the right kind of lighting for you to make sure you get the most out of your on camera lighting options.

Here are some of the more common forms of on camera video lights and how they are used.

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Types of On Camera Video Lights

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The first kind of on camera video light is the LED light panel. These lights range in size from small to large and are perfect for bringing a pop of light to any recording space, indoors or out. Perfect for night recordings in remote locations, these on camera lights are easy to transport, easy to use, and can be used without a direct plug-in due to their economically efficient nature. Available as both camera attachments and standing light panels, these relatively cheap lighting options can help make filming outdoors and at night a breeze.

Another form of on cameras video light is the ring light. Perfect for makeup tutorial videos or personal interviews, this light bathes the face in light without overwhelming its more delicate features. With many different size and color options available, these lights can come in both large and small varieties and can even be made to work with phone cameras. Though not exclusively used on video, these lights are a staple for any filmmaker and photographer as they really help to bring out the facial features on camera.

Another major type of on camera video lighting is relatively similar to the LED light panel. These lights use energy-friendly LED light panels are longer than their panel relatives and are useful for overhead lighting while on set. These LED lights allow the user to change the various color tones and temperatures that they produce, making them indispensable to any studio.

With the wide range of specialized on camera video lights available, make sure to do your research to find out the recommended lighting type for your personal filmographic needs. Feel free to experiment with multiple forms of lighting to help develop your own artistic style or use one of these on camera lights to add the finishing touches to your video set up. Whatever your needs, finding the right on camera video light for your needs can be game-changing.

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