What Are Remote Triggers?

Everyone knows the frustration of trying to take a family photo. The internet is full of hilarious pictures featuring the poor photographer trying to run around to the front of the camera at the last second. But timed photograph frustrations come in more verities than just family photos. Sports shots, action shots, even nature photography can be hard to get just right, and in some cases nearly impossible with the cameraman manning the camera. That is where remote triggers come into play.

Remote triggers are mechanisms that are attached to your camera in order to allow you to take a photo without touching your camera. For precision shots or instances that require split-second timing, the remote trigger allows the cameraman to shape the shot without risking the final product.

Since most remote triggers are made to work with certain kinds of cameras, make sure to do your research in order to find the right remote trigger for your camera brand. Otherwise, you risk the disappointment of buying an incompatible trigger.

Here are the most common forms of remote triggers and how they can be used.

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Types of Remote Triggers

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An Example Of Remote Triggers

Remote triggers come in two forms: wired and wireless. While wireless triggers are much easier to work with, they usually have a limited range of operation and can suffer from a slight button delay. On the other hand, while wired triggers can be more precise, they also have a limited range and run the risk of the cord breaking over time. Which remote trigger is right for you depends on the situation and your unique photography needs.

Wired remote triggers attach to your camera and act as a replacement for the shutter button. Some wired remote triggers feature recording controls on the console as well as the usual shutter button. With lengths that vary depending on the size and style of remote trigger you are looking for, these triggers are perfect for the moments you have to carry out a one-man-show of photography, such as while adjusting the lights or staying securely out of frame during key moments. While not ideal for distance controls, wired remote triggers are useful for reaction-based photography and can help with precise photography. After all, nothing ruins the perfect shot like unsteady hands or a shaking tripod.

Wireless remote triggers allow you to set up your camera and walk away while still maintaining some amount of control over the recording device. With options as complex as full flash controls for some models to a simple shutter button, these remote triggers are useful for nature shots, as well as for those family photos of internet renown. Wireless remote triggers can help you maintain control over your filming or photography environment while still allowing you to get in on the action or to keep your distance. However, it is important to note that wireless triggers do tend to be more expensive than wired remote triggers and do need to be recharged every once and a while to ensure they don’t die mid shot.

No matter the need, remote triggers can help add to your photography and filming toolset by letting you capture the action without interacting too closely with your camera (or the subject, if need be). Whatever your uses, remote triggers can help take some of the struggle out of photographing split-second moments and can help you capture rare shots from a distance.

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