What Are Camping Lights And Lanterns?

Camping lights and lanterns are small, light-weight, durable light sources that are made for use in the great outdoors. Perfect for camping trips, hiking expeditions, canoeing adventures, or just pitching a tent in your backyard, these lights are made to operate no matter the weather or power conditions. Most camping lights are either battery operated, solar powered, or hand powered so they can be used with or without electricity. These lights are meant to be used to illuminate a small area incredibly well, meaning they can be hung around a campsite or attached to a backpack to help aid in trail finding and line of sight when trekking through the great unknown after dark. Camping lights can range from large lanterns to small light sticks, and most classifications for them fall somewhere in between.

Most camping lanterns and lights take advantage of halogen, xenon, or krypton bulbs to provide for ample illumination, not to mention LED lights for nearly endless lights on a single battery. Here are some of the most common shapes, styles, and uses of camping lights and lanterns to help you plan ahead for your next trip into the great outdoors.

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Types of Camping Lights And Lanterns

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An Example Of Camping Lights And Lanterns

Camping lights and lanterns are best broken up into three categories: standing lights, headlamps, and flashlights.

Standing lights include lanterns, as well as high powered light sources meant to illuminate large campsites or to provide a beacon to attract other campers. These lights can range in size from small lanterns perfect for some on-the-trail reading to large standing lights that require a generator to run. Standing lights are useful for established camps and for adding a bit of hominess to the wilderness, as they can be used to shed soft light on a controlled area. Large standing lights, on the other hand, are best used in situations where you want to see and be seen, such as for large groups of people or to mark potentially dangerous spots on the trail. They are also useful when conducting trail maintenance as they allow crews to work late into the evening.

Headlamps are useful for hiking, camping, fishing, and anything else you may need a focused light for. Usually worn around the forehead with the option of a stabilizing strap across the top of the head, these lights offer many different settings, from a steady white light to a flashing or red light to alert people to your presence. Make sure to bring at least one of these with you on any camping trip, as they can be used as a flashlight and a hanging light if you’re creative.

Flashlights are useful for many different occasions, but camping flashlights are the cream of the crop. Meant to withstand drops, falls, dings, sub-zero temperatures and the occasional swim in the river, these flashlights are the bread and butter of the seasoned camper. They can be used to follow a trail, find firewood, tell ghost stories, or scare the tent next to you into thinking it’s storming outside. Whatever the use, we don’t judge: these flashlights are fantastic and made to last for days on a single battery. Some are even solar or crank powered, meaning the only source of energy you need is from nature, or your arm.

When packing for your next great adventure, make sure you have all the right lighting necessities so you don’t get caught in the dark.

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