What Is Indoor Lighting?

Whether it’s a bathroom light, a fluorescent kitchen light, or the old flickering fixture in the staircase to the basement, indoor lighting helps us see our way around and hopefully keeps us from bumping into too many things along the way. But outside of the practical uses for indoor lighting, the right lighting and fixtures can make or break the décor of a room. We’ve all been in a mid-70s diner and found ourselves staring at the not-so-hip lamps hanging over the tables. Indoor lighting, when done correctly, can bring a room to life and help show off all the hard work that went into picking the paint for your living room. Or it might show you the corner you forgot to sweep last weekend. Either way, indoor lighting helps us enjoy and maintain our homes, and can come in a wide range of styles and shapes for every occasion.

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Types of Indoor Lighting

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Indoor lighting can be broken up into three categories: ceiling, wall, and standing lights. Within these categories, things can get a little more complicated depending on the intended function of the various lights, but for now, we’ll keep things fairly simple.

Ceiling lights, as the name implies, are attached to the ceiling of whatever space you are in. These include ceiling fans, overhead fixtures, recessed lighting, chandeliers, and that fluorescent panel light that always flickers when you turn it on for the first time (tip, it might be time to replace the bulb!). These lights are usually made to be the heavy lifters of the lighting world, brightening up and entire area instead of one selective corner. They can be big or small, recessed or dangling, clear or colorful, and serve to make sure you can see most of your room at once.

Wall lights, such as sconces, add a bit of ambiance to a room and are perfect for lighting up those hard to see corners and recesses in the wall. Arguably the most noticed lighting element when it comes to the aesthetics of your home décor, choosing the right wall lighting can really highlight your design choices. Make sure you keep in mind the placement of your sconces when looking at new lighting, sometimes having a line of wall mounted fixtures in your living room sounds like a great idea until you need to install a new TV.

The final category for indoor lighting is standing fixtures. This can be anything from a table lamp to a standing lamp to a light strip along the floorboards. These lights are moveable, customizable, and perfect for late night reading sessions as the day winds down. And with the wide range of styles, colors, heights, and designs for standing fixtures, finding the perfect lamp to complete your décor (or hide that spot on the carpet) is easy as pie.

While this list is nowhere comprehensive, these basics forms of indoor lighting make up most of our home furniture, and without them, we’d be left with stubbed toes, strained eyes, incomplete living rooms, and terrified trips to the basement. If you’re looking for the indoor lighting that is right for you, take your time to research the wide array of options out there. After all, that perfect desk lamp could be closer than you think.

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