What Are Under Cabinet Lights?

Under cabinet lights are a compact, versatile way to brighten up your kitchen and countertop areas without worrying about standing lights. Made to run along the underside of cabinets, these lights are perfect for those hard to light areas of your house, or areas that may need more focused lighting, such as bathroom mirrors or over top of the sink in any room of your house. While most forms of under cabinet lights are attached as a set or independently, some forms of fluorescent lighting can be set up in recessed areas of your cabinets to provide a stronger light source to the area below.

When trying to pick the right kind of under cabinet lights for your living space, keep in mind the potential area these lights will need to illuminate. If you are looking for them to provide the bulk of your kitchen or bathroom light source, make sure to pick a style that can produce a fair amount of light without burning out. Also, make sure to keep in mind the wiring necessities of the lights you pick. While some forms of under cabinet lights are battery operated, many other forms require a string of lights and an outlet or a socket to be used.

Here are some of the different kinds of under cabinet lighting that can help brighten up your kitchen or bathroom space.

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Types of Under Cabinet Lights

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An Example Of Under Cabinet Lights

The first form of under cabinet lights is the string light. These lights are made to cover a larger surface area than a single light without requiring multiple outlets. Under cabinet string lights come in one long strip of lights similar to the kind of lighting you see along the floor at movie theaters, or in segmented light fixtures that cling independently to the base of your cabinets but share a common outlet point. These are useful for larger kitchen spaces and in situations where you need more ambient lighting without having to worry about providing a focused light source for your room.

Independent lights, or wireless lights, are the next example of under cabinet lights. These can be used under and inside cabinets, as well as to provide a pop of light in closets and other dark areas of the house. Most wireless lights are controlled by a remote and are battery operated. This gives them a finite lifespan before needing their batteries replaced, but they are indispensable for situations where an outlet may not be readily accessible or open for use.

Finally, light fixtures or recessed cabinet lighting is a form of lighting similar to ceiling lights that has been modified to fit a specific purpose. A good example of this kind of under the counter lighting is a fluorescent sink light or the lights under and around bathroom cabinets. These lights are more permanent than the other under the counter lighting options and are useful for long-term and high-powered lighting throughout your home.

Whether using temporary under the counter lighting or investing in a more permanent lighting solution for your counter space, make sure to do your research into the right kind of lights to fit your unique household needs.

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