What Are Vanity Lights?

You don’t realize how important vanity lights are until you step out of the bathroom thinking you look amazing only to find out that what you saw in the mirror is nothing like what other people are seeing. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your vanity lights are exactly what you need.

This effect is caused by the composition of the light you have at your makeup station and near your bathroom mirror. One rule to remember is that fluorescents are no one’s friend. It is nearly impossible to look good under fluorescent light, which is why people usually put on a lot more makeup than they need to when they’re working under such lighting.

On the other hand, using rosy lights does the opposite and gives you the illusion that you used all the right shades, covered up all your blemishes, etc., only to find that you missed some imperfections.

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How Are Vanity Lights Used?

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An Example Of Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are lights that are fixed onto or next to the mirror in your bathroom. The range of lights includes fluorescent, incandescent, and LED. To get the most out of your makeup station, make sure that you have the best vanity light configuration possible. This may seem easy to do, but you should factor in skin tone and the lights that will best suit you.

The best light to use is natural light because this kind of light will show how your face truly appears. Therefore, if possible, when you’re applying makeup, try first to make use of the light filtering in through your window. The next best thing is to look for vanity mirror lights that are as close as possible to natural light, like LED lights, because the color spectrums are consistent with what you see in natural-lighting environments.

The best way to install your mirror lights is to create cross illumination or to use side lighting. That way you will ensure that light fully covers your face evenly. The part of the mirror that should get the most light should be that around eye level. Do not put lights only on the top of the mirror because, while putting them there will make you feel like you have the best light to see your eyes, it will force you to look up, which will mess with the application of your makeup.

The kind of lighting you decide to use is very important. Even the color of light you choose to use can have an impact on how your makeup looks in the end. The temptation is to go for cool, bright fluorescent light, but this light is unforgiving and can lead you to apply a lot more makeup than you need.

On the other hand, using yellow light can make you look tired and sick, which will cause you to use too much powder and concealer trying to go for a natural look. A rosy light has the opposite effect, making you use less concealer than you need. It is best to go for natural light or use LED lighting, which will give you a more accurate depiction of how you look and how others will see you.

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