What Is Job Site Lighting?

What would we do without light? Not sunlight or fire—but light that we can turn on with the flip of a switch? It’s likely that many people would place this invention in their top five list of best inventions of all time—and for good reason. Particularly for those who work in jobs, such as construction, in which paying attention to detail is of the utmost importance, this invention takes the cake.

It is in these situations where job site lighting is crucial. Being able to work through the night is paramount for completing the tasks needed. Apart from that, having reliable job site lighting is important for safety and as an anti-theft method. If people are not able to see where they are going on a construction site at night, they can very easily injure themselves or others. For security purposes, having adequate lighting means that valuable equipment is kept safe and thereby safeguards against delays that may occur due to theft.

Best Job Site Lighting For The Money

Here are some of the better examples of job site lighting available to buy:

How Are Job Site Lights Used?

Job Site Lighting Items

An Example Of Job Site Lighting

When buying work lights, make sure that you buy job site lights that will work proficiently and safely in your conditions. Look for durable, waterproof, and portable lights that you can easily move about and position in such a way that they don’t interfere with your work.

The new trend in job site lights is LED lights. However, there are a few misconceptions about LED work lights. One is that job site lights should be temporarily set up and be disposable. But just because this has always been how it’s been done doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient process.

Another misconception is that changing from string lights to purpose LED lights does not affect the labor involved in setting them up. This simply is not true. The use of more advanced and wider-view LED work lights means getting set up with only one light instead of more than 200 smaller ones.

Using LED work lights not only means that there is less labor used in setting up the lights, but it also means that less energy is consumed when the lights are turned on. While upfront costs of using LED lights are higher, you still see savings over time since you don’t have to constantly repurchase string lights.

The same is true of clamp lights. Clamp lights are great because they can be used on the move. Their portability and flexibility in use are their best features. Because you can use clamp lights just about everywhere and can position them exactly where you need them to be, they are invaluable on job sites.

Next time you are on a job working through the night, carefully consider what type of light you should use. Although the traditional option has always been using string lights, the trend has now moved toward using LED work lights. Combine these with clamp lights and you have a fast and flexible approach to lighting that is more efficient in terms of both energy consumption as well as in the amount of labor used in setting up your lights.

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Job Site Lighting Video

Here is a YouTube video discussing various types of job site lighting:

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