What Is Novelty Lighting?

Novelty lighting is the name for a broad category that can describe anything from nightlights shaped like softballs to lamps in the shape of a leg. While owning these items can be a major reward in their own right, novelty lighting is more for decoration than it is for practicality. Those adorable Christmas lights shaped like red solo cups, as well as any butterfly-shaped desk lights all, fall into the category of novelty.

Although the idea of novelty lights can hold a sort of tchotchke mental image, they can also be a crucial part of a room’s décor. Everyone had that favorite horse lamp or children’s show nightlight growing up, right? Plus some of the most iconic sources of lighting fall into the novelty category. After all, where would we be without the miniature disco balls and lava lamps of the world? Here are some of the more groovy examples of novelty lighting, and how they can be used in for more than just yard sale treasures.

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Types of Novelty Lighting

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An Example Of Novelty Lighting

he entirety of novelty lighting is a fairly broad category that can’t be summed up in neat categories, but we can try to cover the basics anyways.

The first, and most iconic, form of novelty light is the lava lamp. Blue and yellow, orange and red, these 70s-inspired conical color fests are a staple of basement game rooms and college dorms alike. They produce enough ambient lighting to set the tone without overwhelming the entire space. And since they were only in style for a limited amount of time, being out of style is sort of their appeal.

The next type of novelty light is the signs. From neon burger signs that somehow made their way into your kitchen to cursive bathroom lights that spell out “Love,” these examples of classic American advertising work well in a more edgy décor setting but have their place in any home. The exact location for these novelty classics really depends on the sign, and the design, you’ve got in mind.

One of the most common types of novelty lights come in the form of hanging or wall lights. From light curtains straight from a Freshman girl’s dorm room to Christmas lights, paper lanterns, and rope lights, these creative fixtures allow you to light a large area with a limited number of outlets. Perfect for summer accents, Christmas decorations, or a pop of light on your back deck, these novelty lights are by far the most practical, if the most mocked, of the novelty lighting world.

Figurine lamps can be found throughout history, so you can hold onto your Harry Potter themed lamp with pride knowing you’re not the first person to ever buy these novelty lighting choices, and you are far from the last. Representing things like sports teams, animals, popular culture, and even historical figures, these light sources are unique, that’s for sure. A tried and true version of novelty lighting, these fixtures are sure to shed some light on your interests as well as your nightstand.

And these are just the basic types of novelty lights available. With flameless candles, disco balls, book lights, rock salt lamps, and fiber-optic fixtures, to name a few, the possibilities for lighting your home are only limited by your imagination. And, of course, your sense of coordination.

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