What Are Black Light Fixtures?

If you’ve watched TV in the past couple of years, you have seen blacklights, whether you noticed or not. It’s used for different things, from spying to just showing things the eye cannot see in natural light. Blacklights make use of UV light instead of normal white light. Wondering what the difference between the two is? To understand the difference, you should understand that the eye sees only a part of the spectrum of light that actually exists.

Ultra violet (UV) light is a spectrum we do not usually see, and that is why we have to use filters on “normal” lights in order to see that spectrum. When the light goes through this filter, it is separated with parts of the light not going through. The blacklight filter lets only UV light through, and that is what we can see in the process.

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How Are Black Light Fixtures Used?

Black Light Fixtures Items

An Example Of Black Light Fixtures

If you’re wondering what use we have for these types of lights, seeing as they belong to a spectrum we are not able to see with the naked eye, the answer is that there are many applications that we have for this kind of light.

Theatrical Purposes

To stage a great theatrical show, atmosphere is very important. Blacklights can come in handy in theater to set the mood or to reveal hidden details that would otherwise not be seen. Blacklight bulbs and blacklight fixtures are used in theatrical performances, sometimes in dark rooms to make for a much more eye-catching performance.

Bug Zapper

Some animals see more or less of the spectrum than we do. Insects can see UV light and, as such, they can be attracted to it. This is why some bug zappers (electronic insect repellants) use UV light. The insects are drawn to the light, where they are then zapped or electrocuted.

Medical Applications

There are many medical uses for blacklights. They are sometimes used in dermatology to diagnose issues such as melanomas and other such skin diseases. Blacklight bulbs are an important diagnostic tool to find fungal infections, bacterial infections, and even ethylene glycol poisoning that is used in manufacturing.

Children’s Toys

Spies in movies have the problem of passing on information without being seen. This can be done using blacklight bulbs and invisible inks. This has led to many children’s toys combining small blacklights and invisible inks to increase the fun.

All in all, there are many uses for blacklight fixtures. The use of blacklight bulbs is in everything from insecticides to children’s toys. While direct exposure to UV light can be dangerous, the use of blacklight bulbs is safe and is applied to many medical practices, where it helps in diagnoses and therefore the treatment of different conditions such as fungal and bacterial infections. Plus, the fact that insects are attracted to blacklight means that we can protect ourselves from those dreaded mosquito bites.

The Latest In Black Light Fixtures

Black Light Fixtures Video

Here is a YouTube video discussing various types of black light fixtures:

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