What Is Office Lighting?

Office lighting is a category of light fixtures that are used to illuminate a large area of space, usually cubicles, and is made to provide a large quantity of light while remaining durable. These lights are made to be used in large offices and conference rooms to create a productive work atmosphere without distracting away from the tasks at hand. They are usually sleek, modern, and in many cases, fluorescent or LED to provide clear, white light for hours on end. Office lighting can also include smaller, more targeted light sources to provide closer lighting for desks and storage spaces.

Office lighting styles are usually minimalistic or are designed in neutral colors to help fit the theme of any workspace or office without issue. Most office lights are also designed to reduce energy the overall energy used by each individual fixture, to help lower the cost of power to large office buildings and to help companies that are more environmentally conscious provide high-quality lighting without worry about running up their bills.

In technical terms, office lighting can apply to any kind of light used in an office, but in the case of organization, office lighting means lights specifically made with office spaces in mind. That being said, here are some of the most common forms of office lighting and their intended uses.

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Overhead or ceiling office lights are a form of lighting that is anchored to or recessed into the ceiling. These kinds of office lights are most often used to provide general lighting to a wide space and can include fluorescent panel lights as well as hanging ring lights meant to diffuse light to a large area without becoming overwhelming or irritating. While this category can include area lighting, such as recessed spotlights and ambient directional lights, for the most part these are the workhorses of office lighting, providing the primary source of illumination for an entire room at once.

Standing lights are the next form of office lights. This applies to lamps and the like that are used to provide light to a general area where ceiling lights may not provide enough light, including lounge areas or smaller offices. Generally slim and black or classically wooden, these lights are functional and fashionable, allowing the modern office to be both illuminated and interesting to the eye, without causing too many distractions, of course.

The third type of office light is the desk lamp or reader lamp. These lamps are smaller and size and are meant to be placed on a desk in an office or cubical to provide up close and targeted light without being overly flashy. These lights tend to have long bulbs to help diffuse light over paperwork and worksurfaces without the muted tone that comes from traditional lampshades. Many desk lamps have customizable light intensities, allowing the user to tailor the power of the lamp to their own unique needs.

Regardless of the type of office lighting you are looking for, make sure to check for more ergonomic and economic options, such as LED and green lighting, to help reduce the financial and environmental impact of your workplace.

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