What Is Outdoor Lighting?

In the world of home décor, many things have confusing or otherwise besides the point names, such as bidets and throws. However Outdoor lighting does not suffer from this classification. Like the name entails, outdoor lighting is lighting that is meant to be used outdoors. As such, this kind of lighting is made to withstand the elements and look pretty while doing it too. Outdoor lighting can run the gambit from porch lights to path lights and spotlights made to make backing into your driveway easier. While the world of outdoor lighting is as complex and varied as any other lighting or home decoration category, here are some of the basic kinds of outdoor lights and what they are generally used for. Besides, of course, providing light.

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Types of Outdoor Lighting

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One of the most common, and simplest forms of outdoor lighting is the flood light. Another simply named product, a floodlight is used to flood an area with light. These lights can come in various intensities and are used to light up dark driveways for easy late-night parking, as well as to highlight a sign or window decoration that would otherwise go unnoticed. Floodlights are also commonly used to provide line of sight for security cameras in areas that may be easily obscured or need additional security.

Next up are the patio lights. Patio lighting can come in dozens of different styles, but the general purpose of these handy little lights are to give your porch or patio a welcoming glow. Wall lights various kinds of inset lights that can help you see your steps or doorways, and stake lights made to shine upwards from your lawn at a deck all count as patio lights. The most common forms of patio lights feature a solar power supply, meaning they save you money on electricity and are environmentally friendly. Plus, they help show up your amazing outdoor entertainment space, which is really all anyone can ask of a light source.

Hanging lights are the third and widest outdoor lighting category, containing anything from outdoor Christmas decorations to industrial-era lightbulb string lights most commonly found in prom dance halls. These lights bring a touch of magic to any outdoor entertainment space, all while staying conveniently out of the way. They can also be used to create a quiet atmosphere around a hammock or outdoor theater. With solar options available, you can set these lights up anywhere in the great outdoors and enjoy the magical feeling of the great outdoors. Just remember to bring bug spray.

The final category of outdoor lighting is the post lights. Usually solar powered, these lights are either mounted on poles and place along a driveway or path and are used to ensure safe travels even after dark. They can also be placed in gardens. Most often orb-shaped or based off classic lanterns, these light sources give your pathways a feel of fantasy as your guests approach your back patio or front door.

Whatever outdoor light you decide works best for you, the wide variety of lighting options available will make sure that your backyard is well lit and well used this summer.

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