What Are Outdoor Floor Lamps?

Looking for a way to light up your back porch or patio? Outdoor floor lamps may be able to bring a spark of inspiration to your outdoor décor. These lights are made to fit into corners, stand at the center of the room, and shed a warm, comforting light on your outdoor entertainment space.

Similar in design to many indoor floor lamps used in living rooms all over the world, these lamps are engineered to survive the wear and tear of less than ideal summer weather, all while coordinating with your aesthetic style of choice. Like their hanging and wall-mounted outdoor brethren, these standing floor lamps usually feature more durable light sources, such as LED lights, to help ensure that they stay lit through the wear and tear of outdoor use. With solar and remote-controlled options available, you’re sure to find a model of outdoor floor lamp that suits your unique décor needs. Here are some of the most common shapes, sizes, and styles of outdoor floor lamps and how they can fit into your outdoor entertainment area.

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Types of Outdoor Floor Lamps

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Outdoor floor lamps can come in three different styles: traditional, shelf, and box lights, each intended for a different function.

Let’s start with the traditional outdoor floor lamps. Styled almost identical to that old standing lamp you have in the corner of your living room, these lights bright a sense of familiarity and the comforts of home into the great outdoors. With styling options as varied as the traditional lamps they take their inspiration from these lamps are a shoe in light source to match your décor. Some of the more popular varieties include traditional lamp shades as well as standing lamps designed to mimic light posts and classic stage lighting. Traditional outdoor floor lamps usually need to be plugged in to an outlet, so many sure you factor this into your planning when choosing an outdoor light source. These lights work well on screened in porches and patios, just pay attention to how windy your area gets, you may end up with the Leaning Tower of Pisa instead of a lamp!

Shelf lamps are similar to traditional standing lamps but are usually square in nature and feature a light at the top followed by shelving below. These lamps are useful for providing light and a storage area and can be used to show off outdoor plants. Useful for lighting many different outdoor areas, try and find one that matches your porch furniture or your porch itself for a more coordinated effect. These lights are usually corded.

Finally, box outdoor floor lamps are usually wireless and are often times made of a light source surrounded by a cube to provide patterns and support for the light itself. With high tech version available that can change color using LEDs, these lights are the catch all of the outdoor lighting world. With sizes ranging from small to large, and a wide range of different external patterns, the box light is the most modern, and arguably the most stylish, of the outdoor floor lamps.

What ever your lighting need, outdoor floor lamps come in a wide enough range of styles, shapes, sizes, and types that you are sure to find the right light source for your décor, whether you have a high-end modern aesthetic or prefer the great American backyard look.

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