What Are Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor lights are a type of lighting specifically manufactured to survive outdoor use. Whether this means being made of thicker, more durable materials, or using stronger light sources such as halogen bulbs, these lights are made to handle unfriendly weather conditions. While some forms of outdoor lights are focused on decoration, such as hanging lights and garden path lights, the outdoor lights we are focusing on here are the kind made to pull heavy duty. From floodlights to spotlights to everything in between, these lights make sure you can see where you’re going without having to worry about running into that pothole you’ve been meaning to fill since last summer.

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Types of Outdoor Lights

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An Example Of Outdoor Lights

The first kind of outdoor light we are going to cover is the floodlight. Much like their name implies, a floodlight is used to flood an area with light, such as a driveway or the front of a house. Usually more powerful than decorative outdoor lighting, these lights can help illuminate a large area of space easily.

While most floodlights are hardwired into your electric system, some do come in solar formats, meaning you can have the power of a floodlight at a reduced energy cost to yourself and the environment. Floodlights come in all styles with the most common designs pointing down from one location onto the ground. Other kinds of floodlights can be used to point down from various locations in order for a more even lighting effect. Some can even be mounted on your walls to brighten things up from another angle entirely. Floodlights can also be useful for security purposes, as they can make sure that no sneaky individuals hide in the shadows away from your security cameras.

The second type of outdoor light is the spotlight. If you’ve ever hear the phrase “in the spotlight,” you have a pretty good idea of what these lights accomplish. These lights are used to point things out, whether that be an amazing sign, impressive wall décor, or the front of your garage.

Spotlights can be installed in a variety of locations, with the most common ones being affixed to the ground in order to shine light up at an object. Spotlights are also used for security purposes and may be pointed at one targeted location to provide better clarity for security cameras and personal, such as a front gate. They can also be set up on a timer or motion sensor to help scale off potential trespassers or wild animals that may want to use your lawn for a highway.

In the world of outdoor lights, as with most areas of home maintenance and lighting, it is important to pick the right kind of lights for the job. While some forms of outdoor lighting are fun to look at an add to the ambiance of a yard, more powerful outdoor lighting can help you see clearly and protect your property from intruders, as well as stand up against a wide array of weather conditions.

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