What Are Post Lights?

Ever seen a beautiful picket fence and wondered how you could show off the craftsmanship after dark? That’s where post lights come in. Usually crafted to sit on top of the corner posts of a line of fencing, these lights add a sense of magic to any yard or garden. Made in a wide range of styles from a classic lantern design to clear orbs of light, these post lights are the perfect finishing touch for any outdoor space.

When looking to buy outdoor post lights, make sure to find out if they are compatible with your fencing. Most post or squared fences work well with post lights, but things like wrought iron fencing are less likely to mesh with the design of the post light.

In order to help you get a good idea of some of the possibilities for post lights in your outdoor décor, here are some of the more common versions of these handy little lights.

Best Post Lights For The Money

Here are some of the better examples of post lights available to buy:

Types of Post Lights

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An Example Of Post Lights

Post lights are, in theory, very alike from one style to another. Almost every kind of post light is solar powered and illuminates a small area using a battery storage system. By taking advantage of light sensors, most post lights turn on automatically after the sun sets, meaning you don’t have to worry about turning them on after dark.

Post lights can be divided into a few main styles. The first kind of style is the lantern. As the name implied, these post lights look similar to an old-time lantern or lamp post and are perfect for a more classic décor scheme. Some feature colored panes or other external features to give them that unique bit of flair perfect for your home.

The second kind of light style is the cap light. More squat in design than the lantern post lights, these little lights are great for a taller fence that would be too overwhelmed by the tall design of the lantern toppers. The main stylistic quality of these lights is the metalworking on the outside, which is as varied as the lantern styles. The area also verities that take advantage of stained glass pane work, to create a classic aesthetic that is sure to wow.

The final version of post lights are the clear light orbs. Usually a rounded light that attaches to the top or the side of a fence post, these are less for aesthetic and more for illumination, and can be used to show off interesting assets of your yard, such as pathways and garden sculptures. While not as stylish as the other post lights, these simplistic fixtures can help brighten up every corner of your garden or yard and can also be used as security lighting for smaller areas than a floodlight.

What ever your outdoor need, make sure to take your time in choosing the right outdoor post light for you.

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Here is a YouTube video discussing various types of post lights:

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