About Us

I’ve been fascinated with lights and illumination for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a rural setting, so streetlights were not part of my environment. And being from the northeast part of the US meant that for the winter months there was a lot more dark than light. From having “flashlight fights” as a kid to shooting hoops by spotlight, it seems like we were always looking for ways to illuminate our surroundings.

Our homeNow, as a homeowner (still in the rural northeast) and father of teenage children, I use lights in a different ways. I want to make sure my kids have every advantage when they drive at night, so I am very interested in the best headlights and flashlights that work when my kids might need them. My wife and I take pride in our home, and want to make sure that people who see it from the outside can appreciate our house and landscaping. And with my eyes a little dimmer than they were when I was younger, it is important for me to be able to see well enough to use and navigate around my house.

So LampsAndLighting.org is born out of my fascination and respect for these amazing tools. Hopefully that comes through in the articles and reviews on this site. And if you have an interesting story, memory, or use for a particular light or fixture please share it.